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Hi, I am Nicolas Jansky!

I am a dp & directing-dp living in Munich.

The most important thing to know about me, is that I absolutely love making good films. Films that are crafted with highly dynamic and emotive imagery and capture authentic moments. With the aim to always inspire and ignite a spark within the audience.

I was spending my youth in the nature of south Germany, exploring different creative outlets like parkour, electrical engineering and music, until I discovered the craft of filmmaking. My hands on background as a self-taught filmmaker affords me the skill-set to work in a wide range of environments and helps me consider the challenges and possibilities when planning a project, to make it a smooth ride for everyone. As soon as everyone feels comfortable, the best results are achieved!  An approach that has never failed me or my clients before.

I was able to develop my personal style, while working on a few personal projects and with a number of international brands like Mercedes- Benz, Adidas, Puma, BMW and many more. 

Also I have an Alexa Mini, some spherical & anamorphic lenses and lots of accessories ready to go anytime. 


+49 151 425 320 75

Gesa Müller-Reinhardt

+49 172 452 260 9